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Full-Line Vending Services for Martin, St. Lucie,
Miami-Dade, Palm Beach & Broward Counties
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All Stop Vending Healthy & Traditional Vending Products

 (Broward School Approved)
Cheetos Baked Hot
Cheese It Whole Grain
Pop Tarts Whole Grain Cinnamon
Pop Tarts Whole Grain Strawberry
Goldfish Whole Grain
Pop Chips BBQ
Popper Chip Salt
Pop Corners White Cheddar
Doritos Reduced Fat
Baked Lays BBQ
Baked Ruffles Cheddar SC Onion
Rice Krispie Whole Grain
Cereal Bars Cocoa
Granola Oats Honey
Granola Oats Dark Chocolate
Nutrigrain Strawberry
Nutrigrain Blueberry
Indiana Popcorn
Basil Cookie Bites

Ruffle Chedder Sour cream
Sunchip Harvest 
New Item Kettle Cooked Applewood 
Lay Barbarque
Miss Vickie S&V
Frito BBQ
Doritos Ranch
Salt Vinagar
Lay Regular
Lays Garden Basil
Cheeto Jalepino
Lays Sour Cream Onion
Tostitos Scoops
Baked Lays 
Baked Lays BBQ
Baked Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream Onion
Cheetos Hot
Lays Jal Chedder
Wasabi Ginger
Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ
Dorito Chili Dinamita
Lays Lime
Cheeto Puffs
Dorito Spicy Nacho
Ruffles Queso
Latice Cut Aged Cheddar Blk Pepper
Chester Hot Flamin Hot
Lulu Lemon
Lulu Sweet Platains
Lulu Salt
Glida Cracker
Bugels Nacho General Mills
Takis Chip Fuego
Salsitas Bag 1.5oz Jalepeno
Spicy Salsa
Toms Small Chips/ 6 Flavors
Puffed Cheese
Sour Onion 
Herr's Good Nature Baked Chedder
​Good Nature Veggie Ranch
Herrs Baked1 oz Cheese 
Herrs Baked1 oz S&O
Herrs Baked1 oz Reg
Herrs Babyback Ribs
Herrs Crazy Hot Pop Chips
Herrs S& V
Kettle Cheddar Horseradish 
Pork Skins BBQ    
Pork Skins
Nutrigrain Blue Berry or Strawberry
​Granola Oats Honey
Fiber One Peanutbutter/Chocolate
Golden Graham
Apple Cinnamon 
Welchs Fruit Snacks Mixed/Straw
Cream cheese Capt.Toasty
Lance Toast cheese
Lance Peanut Bar
LANCE Sweet & Spicey Pretzels
Snyders Pretzel Old Time 
Snyders Sourdough Nibblers
Wise Honey BBQ
Onion Garlic
Vitners Buffalo Blue Cheese Ridges
Sweet Tangy BBQ or Original
Sweet Southern Heat BBQ
Sizzlin Hot 
Peppercorn Ranch
Sweet BBQ
Baked Potato Sea Salt
Hot Fries
Vics Corn Lite or White Cheddar
Cheese Balls
Bacon Cheddar
Tostonie Salt
Tostonie Lemon
Cotton Candy Sweet or Sour
Veggie Stripes
Voodoo Hot

Kars Almonds 1oz
Kars Cashew 1oz
Kars Peanuts 1.5 2cts
Kars Sweet Salty Mix 2 oz
Kars Original 2oz
Kars Energy Trail 2 oz
Wonderful Pastachios 

Coffee Service:
Pillon Coffee
Kao Cocoa
Cream Canisters
Coffee Beans Town n Country
Hot Vending 8 - 12 oz cups & lids
Sleeves 12 - 20 oz
Topping Cuppuccino
Diamond Cappuccino
Diamond Creamer French
White Castle Cheeseburgers
Jamaican Hot Beef Patties
Jamacain Mild Beef Patties
Ham and Chedder Deluxe
Grilled Chicken Deluxe
Chicken Nooodle/ SHRIMP/Beef
Tuna Kit
Mac and Cheese
Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli
​Bumble Bee Tuna Cup
Nissan Beef Cup of Noodles
Nissan Chicken Cup of Noodles
Egg Salad Wedges
Tuna Salad Wedges
Chicken Salad Wedges
Chicken Parmesan Hero
Meatball Hero
Turkey & Cheese Hero
Ham & Cheese Hero
Italian Hero
Bagel & Cream Cheese
Cheese Combo Pizza Ultimo
​Cuban Sandwich
Midnight Sandwich
Lean Cusine Fetucini Alfredo
Lean Cusine Sesame Chicken
Stafanos Paninis Classics Sub
Stafanos Paninis Three Meat
Grilled Chicken Deluxe
Rip Dip Peporoni 
Rip Dip Cheese 
Buffallo Chicken 
White Castle Breakfast 
Philly Cheese Steak 
Chimichanga Chicken Burito 

Denteene Ice Peppermint 
M&M Peanut or Plain
Twix Reg or Dark Chocolate
Snickers Almond or Peanut Square
3 Musketeer
Combo Chedder pretzel
Milkyway  Reg or Dark
Welches Sour Jack Wmelon/ Plain
Welches Nuclear Squrms
Hershey Almond or Kit Kat Box
Reeses Box
Twizzlers Box
Almond Joy Box
Swedish Fish Box
Hershey Plain
Goodness Knows Peach Cherry
MM Reg or White Chocolate
M&M Theater Box Peanut or Plain
M&M Carmel or Peanut Butter
Skittles Theater Box
Starburst Minis Original
Skittle Original or Purple
Octopus Sour 
Classic Gummy Bears 
Sour Brite Crawlers 11230
Very Berry Trolie 11587
Black Forest Organic Peg Bag
Back Forest Gummy Bear Organic 
Black Forest Gummy BearSour 2oz
Nestle Crunch

​Famous Chocolate
Grandma Vanilla
Knotts Rasberry
Grandma Choc Chip Cookies 2Pak
Elfin Cookie
Rice Crispie Whole Grain
Pop Tart Whole Grain Brn Sugar
Sun Maid Blue Berry
Frito Grandma Oatmeal Cookies
Ritz Bitz Nabisco
Bisco Cranberry Chocolate Chip
Golden Batch Sugar Free Wafers
Fig Newtons
Lorna Doones
Lance Chocolunch
Lance Vanolunch
Lance Nekot

Ice Cream Nutt'n Better
Ice Cream Chips Galore
Ice Cream Big Vanilla
Ice cream Neopolitan
Ice Cream Chocolate Eclair
Frozen Fruit Strawberry

Viking Marble Cake 
Honey Buns
Big Texas
Cheese Danish
Daisy Cake Marble or Coconut 
Muffin American Classic Choc Chip
Muffin American Classic Ba Walnut
Gem Reg or Chocolate Crunch
Gem Powdered Donuts 
Fruit Pie Apple or Cherry
Cinnamon Danish 4 oz

Water Watermelon Coco
Water Original or Pineapple Coco
Juice Oka Aloe Coconut
Juice Oka Aloe Mango
Juice Oka Aloe Pineapple
Dole fruit Cup 2.50
Good Health Veggie Stix Sea Salt $1.25
Whole Earth Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn $1.25
Oreo Candy Chocolate Bar $3.00
Yoohoo Candy Bag $3.00
Skittles Theater Box $3.00
Oreo Cookies Bags $2.00
Bagel Chips $2.00
Popcorners Kettle 1.1 OZ   $1.25 
Popcorners Sea Salt  1.1 OZ   $1.25 
Popcorners White Cheddar 1.1 OZ $1.25 
Stacy Pita Naked Chip 1.5 OZ  $1.65 
Goldfish Cheddar Whole Grain 1 OZ $1.15 
Wheat Thins Popped Sour Cream/Onion $1.25 
Dirty Chips Pepper & Salt 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle Sour Cream/Onion 2 OZ$1.25
Dirty Chips Cheddar Horseradish 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Spicy Dill Pickle 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle Original 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle Salt & Vinegar  2 OZ $ 1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle Jalapeno 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle Sweet Naui Onion 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle Rosemary & Olive Oil 2 OZ  $1.25
Dirty Chips Kettle BBQ Mesquite oz $1.25
Terrachip Veggie 1 OZ $1.65 
Terrachip Natural Blue 1 OZ $1.65 
Terrachip Sweet Potato 1 OZ $1.65 
Natures B Fig Bar Apple Cin Whole Wheat 2 OZ $1.25 
Natures B Fig Bar Blueberry Whole Wheat 2 OZ $1.25 
Natures B Fig Bar Mango Whole Wheat 2 OZ $1.25 
Natures B Fig Bar Strawberry Whole Wheat 2 OZ $1.25 
Hershey Bar Dk Choc Frt & Nut Cranblackberry 1.4OZ $2.50 
Hershey Bar Dk Choc Frt & Nut Cherry Pom 1.4 OZ $2.50 
Hershey Bar Dk Choc Frt & Nut Blberry Acai1.4 OZ $2.50  
Belvita Cookie Bites 1.76 OZ$1.50 
Fruit Bowl Mixed Fruit 4.2 OZ$1.50 
Mrs. Mays Almond 2 OZ$3.00
Mrs. Mays Cashew 2 OZ$3.00
Mrs. Mays Cranblueberry 2 OZ$3.00
Snackwell Vanilla Creme Cookie 1.7 OZ $1.15 
Lorna Doones 1.5 OZ$1.15 s
Cliff Bars Chocolate Mint 2.4 OZ$3.00
Cliff Bars Crunchy Peanut Butter 2.4 OZ$3.00
Cliff Bars White Chocolate Macadamia 2.4 OZ $3.00
Cliff Bars Chocolate Chip 2.4 OZ$3.00
Cliff Bars Oatmeal Raisin Walnut 2.4 OZ $3.00
Cliff Bars Almond Fudge 2.4 OZ$3.00
Luna Bars Lemon Zest 1.69 OZ$3.00
Luna Bars Chocolate Dipped Coconut 1.69 OZ $3.00
Luna Bars Carmel Nut Brownie 1.69 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Cashew & Omega 3  1.4 OZ  $3.00
Kind Bars Apple Cinnamon Pecan 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Fruit & Nut Delight 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Almond & Coconut 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Cranberry Almond 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Madagascar Vanilla Almond 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Dark Choc Mocha Almond 1.4 OZ $3.00
Kind Bars Peanut Butter Strawberry 1.4 OZ $3.00

DRINKS/BEVERAGES 12-16-20 ozs:
Diet Coke
Coke Bottles
Coke Zero
Cherry Coke
Diet Pepsi
Dr Pepper/Diet Dr Pepper
Mt DewDiet Mt Dew
Mt Dew Blue
Mt Dew Red
MT Dew White
Diet MT Cans
Crush Grape
Crush Orange
Diet Orange Crush
Sierra Mist
Sprite/Sprite Zero
Fanta Grape
Fanta Ora
Fanta Pineapple
Fanta Strawberry
Mug Rootbeer
Fierce Grape
Five Hour Energy
Florida Natural Kiwi Strawberry
Florida Natural Apple
Florida Natural Cran/Apple
Florida Natural Fruit Splash
Florida Natural Grapefruit
Florida Natural Mango/Fruit Punch
Florida Natural Orange
Glacier Cherry White
Green Tea &  
Lipton Tea
Lipton Tea Brisk
Cool Blue Raspberry
Hawaiian Punch
Kick Start Black Rasberry
Kick Start Lemonade
PowerAide Blue
PowerAide Lime
PowerAide Orange
PowerAide Red
Red Bull or Sugar Free
Rockstar Energy
Rockstar Pre 0 Punched
Rockstar Punched
Rockstar Sugar Free
Rockstar Zero Carb
Sunny D
Welches Cranapple
Nesquick 8 oz Choc.or White
 2% Milk Half Pint Shamrock
Chocolate Whole Half Pint Milk
Frappacino Chocolate Mocha
Frappacino Coffee
​Aquafina Sparkling Cans - Black Cherry & Orange Grapefruit
​Kick Start Midnight Grape
Kick Start Mango Lime
Kick Start Fruit
Kick Start Black Cherry
Kick Start Limeade
Starbucks Double Shot
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Upon installation, $100 will be donated in your name to any local charity!